How do I set up/change/cancel an appointment?
Appointments are set up by calling the office then requesting an initial brief phone consultation. The Doctor will discuss your current medical condition or reason for consultation and decide on what blood work or test are necessary prior to the appointment (5 minute call). Blood work is usual drawn prior to the visit, and for local patients blood draw is available at our office. Patients should print out the patient intake history, age pathways, consent for treatment and terms of payment forms and bring them into the office at time of blood drawn completed. Appointment change or cancellation must be done at least 24 hours in advance.
How do I get to the office/hospital?
We are located in the Sanctuary Center on the second floor Suite C-101. The address is 4800 N. Federal Hwy Boca Raton, Florida. Where Federal Highway (US1) and Yamato Rd. intersect. Parking is behind the building. For patients coming from out of state we are located 5 minutes from beautiful beaches and 2 ½ hours from Disney. The office is easily access from Palm Beach International airport 20 minutes one way or Fort Lauderdale International airport 30 minutes one way. We will gladly make hotel accommodations.
Do I have to pay for my visit at the time of my appointment?
In order to keep costs down, our policy at the Center for Clinical Age Management, payment in full is due at time of service. We accept check, cash or MasterCard/VISA. In keeping with our philosophy of you being an active partner in your health process, we do not file insurance claims, but we DO provide you with the necessary forms (super bill) and receipts that will make it very simple for you to file your insurance claims. We do not participate in managed care programs. We are not a Medicare/Medicaid or Champus provider. Our preventive medicine consults may be covered under commercial insurance plans, but are not covered under Medicare, Medicaid, or Champus. Commercial insurance or PPO usually covers lab work and POS plans but this is not guaranteed. We do have prepriced lab work with Kronos Science Lab at very reasonable prices.
How can I get a prescription refilled?

We prescribe both standard pharmaceutical and specialty compounded pharmaceutical medications tailored to the individuals needs. These compounded pharmaceutical agents whether hormone replacement, medication or nutraceuticals can be picked up at the office 3 days after the consultation. Since they are made for the specific individual there is a 72-hour wait time. Compounded products can also be sent by mail directly to the patient's home with a small shipping charge.

As a patient at The Center For Clinical Age Management, you may also order refills of your prescription online by accessing the patient sign-in section of this website. After your initial visit with us we will provide you with the information you need to use the prescription refill section of this website.

How can I find out results to my tests?
You will receive copies of all lab work upon your evaluation with a comprehensive life plan.
How does our consultative medical visit differ from a routine doctor's visit?
We provide consults tailored to your individual needs, but our consultative practice does not replace your primary care physician for ongoing, routine health problems. The Center for Clinical Age Management model of medical practice is extraordinary today because it is very personalized, and time-intensive. Most medical offices today schedule a number of patients in the same hour so that doctors have very little time to spend with individual patients. At your initial visit, Dr. Brizel will have an in-depth time dedicated just to you, to discuss your health needs, laboratory results, personal concerns and to develop therapeutic options. Most consultation last 75 minutes. After you initial consult, you will need on-going follow up care with our physicians. Follow up lab tests are necessary to monitor the effectiveness of prescribed medications. At a minimum, an annual visit with the physician monitoring and prescribing your hormone regime is required. Please understand that achieving balance of your body's chemistry is a complex process that takes time. This is a journey you are about to embark upon, not a one-stop quick fix. Our philosophy is to start low and go slow to avoid the adverse effects of high dosages and multiple medications. After your first appointment the first follow up will be anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks depending on type of treatment initiated. The subsequent visits will be any where from 4 to 6 months. These follow up visits do have a charge.
Why does Lab work need to be completed ahead of time?
We have designed our program to collect as much health information ahead of time so that you might have a treatment plan ready for implementation after initial physician comprehensive consult. This is not the usual sequence, but we believe it is the most time efficient and cost effective. Normally, you might go to your physician and be referred to a lab for tests, and then have to return for a second visit before medication is prescribed. We know you are too busy to have to make multiple doctor visits! Most often Labs are drawn at our office. If requested or if you live out of town you will be provided with a lab requisition you can use at a Quest/SmithKline Beecham patient service center anywhere in the country. If you chose to have labs done on your own, you will be given appropriate prescription forms to take to the laboratory of your choice. The hormones are tested once for women who are not bleeding and twice in the cycle for women who still have periods. For men they are tested just one time. All test are done fasting after midnight with just some water in the morning prior to the blood draw.
May I see the Physician without doing Lab work or additional tests?
Yes. We offer a one hour New Patient Consult that allows you to talk with our physicians in-depth about your health concerns, review you medical history and discuss potential treatment options you can then implement through your primary care physician or as a patient of ours. At the conclusion of your New Patient Consult, if you choose to continue with us, you will be given orders for appropriate laboratory tests and additional evaluations that are necessary to diagnose and implement your individualized treatment plan during your next visit.
What test should I have prior to the appointment?
No tests are mandatory prior to the appointment. But we suggest that all women have a bone density scan and a mammogram starting at the age of 35. Peri-menopausal and menopausal women should have a mammogram done within the last 12 months if they are considering the possibility that they may go on natural hormone replacement. If a patient has multiple cardiac risk factors such as family history of heart disease, Diabetes, Hypertension elevated cholesterol or elevated highly sensitive C-RP; we suggest an EBCT scan for coronary calcifications. This can be arranged through our office at a nearby scan center.
Are phone consultations available, what are the procedure and the charges?
Yes, we do phone consultations from patients all over the country and parts of Latin America. Patients need to call the office and make arrangements for a phone consultation. Prior to the consultation the patient should complete the patient intake forms available for printing off this web site. These forms need to be completed and fax with any previous blood work available. The patient then sets up a time with the secretary to call in to the office. Phone consultations are charged by 30-minute increments at a rate of $125.
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