The Center For Clinical Age Management was founded by Dr. Allyn A. Brizel whom is formally trained in Internal Medicine at Nassau County Medical Center in Long Island, New York.

Following his completion of medical training a very profound life-changing event took place. His spouse at a very young age developed what eventually was diagnosed as latrogenic induced premature menopause. For approximately two years his wife suffered from all the classic symptoms of menopause; mood swings, palpitations, fragmented sleep, depression and fatigue. Due to her age, these complaints were thought to be psychosomatic (in her head) at first. When her diagnosis was eventually made after seeing multiple different specialists she was then placed on your standard one size fits all hormone replacement primarin and provera. Well needless to say his wife felt worse if you can think that was possible, on these hormones. She was tried on a multitude of different combination of synthetic hormone replacement including low dose contraceptive pills. To know avail she simply proceeded to decompensate and eventually stated that she could no longer take these hormones and decided to go off everything.

At this point Dr. Brizel decided he would have to take on the subject of menopause and hormone replacement. These studies eventually led him to what is currently being called Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT) or bio-identical hormone replacement. Needless to say within a week of being placed on a combination of bio-identical estradiol, progesterone and testosterone she became her old self. Described as a fog being lifted off her, sleep patterns returned to normal, mood fluctuations leveled, palpitations disappeared and skin dryness was resolved.

Realizing the desperate need for such treatments Dr. Brizel went on to become a Diplomat of the Amercian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) - a medical organization which recognizes the benefits of NHRT), a Certified Menopause Clinician, a Certified Clinical Bone Densitometrist, Member of the North American Menopause Society, Member of The Andropause Society (TAS), Member Of The International Society for Bone Densitometry and National Osteoporosis Foundation. Member American Nutraceutical Association and DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) Certified. Currently treating hundreds of patients throughout the United States and Latin America.

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